Covid Procedures

A Safe Approach

In accordance with the General Osteopathic Council Guidelines, all Covid safety procedures will stay in place, meaning all patients and practitioners will be required to wear face masks and all other safety procedures written below will stay in place.

We cannot tell who is vulnerable, nor who has been vaccinated, so the rules in the clinic apply to everyone.  Thankyou everyone for helping to keep us all safe!

Every effort has been made to make your visit as safe as possible whilst complying with Government and Public Health guidelines.  

When booking an appointment you will be asked questions about Covid symptoms and vulnerable conditions to make sure it is safe for you to attend a face to face appointment.

To help with social distancing, please do not turn up to your appointment too early and wait outside until you are collected. If anyone accompanying you can wait in the car, unless you are wanting a chaperone this would reduce foot traffic through the clinic room.

Although face masks are not required for your appointment, I would be wearing one if you have any vulnerable conditions or if it would make you more comfortable. All surfaces are disinfected and rooms are aerated between each patients.

We are excluding fabric from the clinic where possible (table covers, towels etc), please bring a towel of your own for cover whilst being treated if necessary.

Personal Hygiene
Happy Masks
Sanitizing Surfaces